The NEW ADOX CAPTURA dust binding technology has been introduced with ADOX powder chemicals.

The particle sizes are equalized by binding them with our new water soluble, biodegradable and non toxic CAPTURA-binder.

CAPTURA will dissolve in water and simply “vanish” upon mixing.

The new technolgy is a great improvement for Photographers. Powder chemicals last longer than liquids and are easier to ship but the necessary care in handling them has been a major downside in the past. With ADOX CAPTURA it is now much safer and cleaner to use powder chemicals.

The advantages are:

– No dust from mixing in your workspace

– No inhalation of chemical dust

– No odour

– More homogenous powder with less tendency to clogging over storage


This step in production had been R&D´ed for a while now but we needed the new in house powder production capacities to implement this technology fully in the production process.

Long version Video: