FX-39 II

Balanced grain, sharpness and contrast


FX-39 is based on Willi Beutler´s formula for Neofin Red, and further developed by Geoffrey Crawley. Makes very good use of the film’s full ISO-rating. It’s possible to double the films’ ISO by adjusting the development times. FX-39 can be used in various dilutions in order to develop low-sensitivity films with at least 6-minutes developing time. Especially good for films up to 200 ASA.


Well-suited for school photography because of the high equalizing power, low toxicity (no GLS labeling necessary) and ease of use (liquid one-shot developer).


Standard dilution 1+9 is used as a “one shot” developer.

At 1+14, the time should be multiplied by 1.5 and at dilutions of 1+19 develop for twice as long as with the standard dilution.


NEW: FX-39 TYPE II features better keeping properties and is less sensitive to low temperatures during shipping.