In 2006, the ADOX factory started on the premises of an abandoned 1980s military laundry. Many of the research, production and confectioning machines were saved from bankrupt photo factories such as Agfa, Forte, Konica and others. Those machines quickly occupied the entire original building, which got expanded in 2019, gaining space for new labs, storage spaces, chemical production and a coating machine.

In 2015, ADOX took over the coating machine from Ilford Imaging Switzerland, which was used for research of many products, including inkjet materials and the legendary Cibachrome. The machine is located in Marly, Switzerland, and occupies three floors. The factory was built around the coating machine, with many labs and research spaces.

Now turned into ADOX Switzerland, the company is actively researching and developing products. The Snap-On filters and the Captura dust-free powder technology are one of the many Swiss projects.


Agfa precipitation machine, saved from the Agfa research departement in Leverkusen. It has a 35-liter kettle, designed to make both paper and film emulsions on a small scale.


The ADOX Switzerland coating machine is of a research size, allowing relatively small coatings compared to the big players on the analog market. One single coating, with all the preparations and subsequent cleaning, can take up to four work days.



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