Floor pavement, tiles and electric

Floor pavement, tiles and electric

In May and June the floor pavement was put in place and covered with tiles. In between the dry construction workers finished the walls and the electricians mounted the fuse cabinets. They then mounted cable trays throughout the old building to connect them to the main power supply. In the main hall the LED lamps are already hanging from the ceiling.

We unpackaed the coater again and mounted the first rollers for ther web. In July the web control specialists start working.

Next week the floor coating in the basement will start.

The new tiles on the floor pavement in the chemical production (new home of Rodinal). The “tower” in the back is the dry storage room for the salt ingredients. It will be supplied by the coating machine air treatment when not coating.

Coating table from Agfa´s machine K (the main film coating machine) with coating roller from the direction of the drying tunnel (not yet built). The web travels later through the coating tower and into the main drive before the coating roller. The steel beams hanging from the top later take on the web and lead it into the stiffing section.


The new coating control room. Behind the door there will be the monitors to control the machine.


Behind the dry construction walls is the melting room. It is now equipped with floor tiles. The coating kettles from Ilford Switzerland are already wrapped in place and wait to be put into operation again.