Location: Bad Saarow (60 minutes by direct train from Berlin center)




  • Assisting the chief of emulsion-making department
  • Manufacturing emulsions, making sample coatings, exposing, processing and analysing results
  • Preparing chemicals


Job description:


  • Full-time (38 hours/week, 1 month of paid vacation a year + public holidays). Salary 2400 EUR.
  • Lab-based hands-on work
  • At least 25% of the time spent under red safelight/in darkness with infrared glasses
  • Once in two months trips to Marly, Switzerland for paper/film coating for 5 days


Requirements for the applicant:


  • German or English language (one is enough)
  • Graduated from university/technical school NOT LONGER than 3 years ago
  • Trained to handle chemicals. We strongly prefer applicants educated as chemical lab technicians
  • Committed to a long-term career at Adox
  • Able to work in a small managed team





  • Technical installations, supervised by a master of engineering


Job Description:


  • Part-time (16-24 hours/week)


Requirements for the applicant:

  • Own tools and materials are not necessary
  • Retirees are welcome




  • Maintaining and repairing production machines


Job Description:


  • Part-time (16-24 hours/week)


Requirements for the applicant:


  • Ideally capable of working with old electronics (40+ years old)
  • Own tools and materials are not necessary
  • Retirees are welcome


An person able to work in PLUMBING, MECHANICS & ELECTRONICS can apply for a full-time position.


Is seeking former Ilford employees from the lab technician field to work with photographic emulsions.


We prefer email job aplications to jobs (at) fotoimpex (dot) de



Getting there


  • 60 km from Berlin city center
  • 35 km from Berlin city borders
  • The hourly Regio-Express to Frankfurt, passing Zoo Station, Friedrichstraße, Hauptbahnhof, East-Bahnhof, Ostkreuz, arrives to Bad Saarow in under 60 minutes. Work hours are adapted to train schedule.
  • In the next years, after train renovations, the travel times will be reduced to 45 minutes
  • No bus connection is needed. The stop is a 2 min walk away from the factory
  • Travel expenses to workers living in Berlin are reimbursed


The city

A garden-city built in the 1800’s developed into a prosperous town surrounding the Scharmützlsee Lake. Bad Saarow features world class hotels, restaurants, a hot dwell spa and a superior infrastructure including a theater, cinema, gourmet shop, cafes, banks and everything else one might need to have a comfortable life. Nice apartments in the nearby town are easier to find than in Berlin.