Art Baryta

Pure uncoated baryta base to be coated with liquid emulsions

Heavy paper of the highest photographic grade quality available.
Very fine brushed paper fibers which will not be visible in your image.
Waiting to be coated by you with your own or commercially available emulsions or to be used in alternative printing processes like carbon printing and others.
The ideal paper recommended by R. Mowrey for his AZO-Type emulsion featured in his “survival guide for the analogue photographer in the digital age”.
Produces a glossy finish if the respective emulsion is not matted. The gloss can be enhanced by the application of a super-coating made up from diluted ADOX COLLOIDA gelatin in a second coating step.
Ideal for coating with coating blades.
Brush strokes from brush coating will be very accentuated due to the prevention of bleeding from the paper.

Product facts:

Chemically neutral acid-free paper base with 190g/sqm weight. 
Coated with a pure white barium sulfate emulsion. 

On top of this there is a gelatin undercoat.
Made to be coated with photographic emulsions or alternative processes. 
Especially stabilized for aquaeus dyes or dyes dispersed in oil.
The barium sulfate coating enables bright highlights and keeps the coating from diffusing into the paper base yielding higher sharpness and less consumption of the coated media. 
Prevents bleeding of the substrate. 
Produces a glossy finish.

Not sensitized.

May be used under bright light.

Cut to size:

24×30 cm
30×40 cm
8×10 Inch

Other sizes upon request.