Progress in March and April

In March and April we did not keep our hands inside our pockets as well. The electricians brought us lights in the new chemical production and connected the new machines. Because of increasing difficulties in finding plumbers we had to connect the wastewater pipes by ourselves and cleaned the entire area thouroughly.

We ran the first mixes in a trial state on a limited level. Everything went well and passed by Bijans strict quality control. Three products from this are back on the shelves in limited quantities.


In the new photo lab our mechanic has carefully derusted our three Colenta dip and dunk machines (out of order since 2011) and welded new feet to them. The electrician had already changed every other triac on the circuit board over the past years… If we find new pumps now, we can look foreward to fire them up again. The service for C-41 will be substantually increased (speeded up). Black and White will have a higher capacity.

The team in the coating alley coordinated the works on the cable raylway (up to 50 cm wide!). They will carry all the  power and control cables for the machine when we start setting it up.

The drive motors on the coater have been taken off and will be renewed with our partner building the coating web. The outdated DC motors were replaced by stepless modern AC servos. Just the coating roller drive itself we did not have the guts to touch. This remains 25 year old  proofen Agfa-technology (for now) and was just sent in for refurbishment.

Team coating alley also made use of the demontage and swung the brass brushes.  They gave the chassis a first and second paint job. The 20 year old Agfa coater looks almost like new now.