SCALA 50 can be processed as a negative, using HR-50 times


ADOX SCALA-50 is based on an emulsion commonly available for technical purposes, featuring an ultrafine grain and superpanchromatical sensitization.

ADOX SCALA-50 is especially suitable for street and landscape photography.
It creates beautifull slides in the dedicated SCALA REVERSAL KIT.
ADOX modifies this film from the master roll and finishes it to 35mm, 120 and sheets (4×5).

The film´s speed is enhanced to 50 ASA using ADOX´s new SPEED BOOST- technology.

The gamma is reduced so it becomes perfectly usable for pictorial photography in regular developers.

ADOX SCALA-50 can be used as an Infrared film and responds extremely well to any sort of filtration (yellow, orange, red, blue, green).

The new ADOX *SNAP-ON*- Gelatin Filters are a perfect match.

Technical specifications

Emulsion: Superpanchromatical
Resolution: Up to 280lp/mm at an image contrast of 1000:1
ISO: 50/17°
Base: 0,1mm PET
Anti Halation: Combined AHU/NC


Informations about films on PET base

Films coated on PET are prone to spring open in the 120 format or show "light piping" through the tongue sticking out of the 35mm cassette.

Make sure to load PET film in the shaddow and hold the 120 roll firmly with your fingers.

If your film tongue was exposed to light overgo at least the first 5 images.