Setting up of the chemical production

Due to ongoing market consolidations on the side of chemical suppliers in recent years, we started a while ago to manufacture small lots of photochemistry entirely in our facilities. Medium sized batches were temporarily produced in our dispersion kettles in Switzerland.

With the finishing of the new building we now have space to move all chemical production machines to one location, scale up the capacity and optimize the workflow.

Some of these machines have been in use for more than 10 years but others, like the 300L kettle or the powder crusher/sieving machine will be used for the first time now.

We hope to be as productive as some of the vanished premanufacturers and plan to increase the quality/homogenity of the products (especially with powder chemicals).

Obviously we also work on new products.

The new 300 Liter kettle.

One of the older kettles (not heated) for simple products like fixer, stop bath etc. This had already been in use.

The new powder homogenizer.

Filling and capping with nitrogen injection.